Thursday, April 21, 2016

Other Projects at the Vast Mountain Estate (VME)

While I am entering Week 12 of the kitchen remodel, Eric has spent time the last few weekends dealing with the pine needles and cones* in the yard. First raking them into piles and then performing the first burning this weekend!

Of course, Betty decided to run through one of the piles, stop in it, then squeal and run. Eric caught her and I ran out with a ice pack and within 6 minutes she was barking insistently for her papa to kick a pine cone for her to chase.

This time of year we see lots of smokey piles around as people are trying to get their yards and properties cleaned up before burning closes for summer. We've got a just few weeks in spring and a few weeks in autumn when open fires are permitted.

Eric has also spent the last few weekends exploring all the options and benefits of his new Weber gas grill! I have spent those same weekends enjoying delicious grilled dinners. And we've been lucky that at least two of the last three weekends have had eat-al-afresco weather!

Even pizza!

* Oh yeah, and some dog poop. There's definitely some dog poop in those piles.

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