Friday, April 29, 2016

Our Secret Celebration FINALLY Revealed!


We had a little reason to celebrate awhile back, so I decorated the house real quick while Eric was at work...

Mavis doing a little Carol Channing thing.
The chandelier over the dining table.
Ramon feeling all fiesta!
No better place for this elaborate tissue banner than on a pre-existing nail by the pantry doors.
New head-on-a-wall family member, Dale the Jackalope!


A few years ago and after some years, Eric came back to writing, or "typing" as it is called in our house. Then he took the big leap of sending unsolicited manuscripts to literary agents. It was the usual story, until April 2015 when he signed with Jennie Goloboy at Red Sofa Literary. WOO! After some edits and such, Jennie started sending his manuscript out to editors at potential publishers and in December he received word that one of those editors was interested! Then he (we) waited patiently-not-patiently to hear back... and the he did! WOO! Angry Robot offered a two-book deal! Expect to hear a lot more about it as the estimated February and November 2017 release dates get close. Wheeeee!

And then came more waiting for contract negotiations and actual contracts and snail mail - yes, really. Finally in mid-March 2016 the contract arrived, he signed it, and mailed it off - yes, really in the mail.

And then more waiting for the contracts to arrive in England and Angry Robot and Red Sofa to make the official announcements. OMG, THE WAITING!

And now I FINALLY get to post here about it! And blab around to all and sundry! And make a fuss on Facebook! And post pics on my Instagram! And more importantly, point you all towards Eric Scott Fischl, Author's various social media presences and ask that you follow, like, add, and SHARE, pretty, pretty please.

Twitter: @eric_fischl

He's using his middle name, because of the famous artist Eric Fischl getting all the SEO already. D'oh!

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  1. Persistence paid off! Way to go, Author E!


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