Tuesday, April 5, 2016

One Step at a Time: Kitchen Edition, Holding Steady

And now we have come to the part where I just do the same thing to different, but similar, pieces of the kitchen day after day.

Not to mention the addition of the kitchen island!

1. Refinishing the counter top.

Every night I add a coat of the Waterlox, then crack open the shop doors and run two fans to increase air flow. Every morning I make a fire in the shop's wood stove, close the doors, and keep one fan going to bring up the heat while keeping up some air flow.


Renaissance Handyman Nick has put together a temporary sink solution for us! He used the same re-purposed boards that we used for the "temporary, partial counter top". YAHOO! It is SOOOOO nice to wash the dishes in the kitchen sink and have the dishwasher back in operation.

2. Refinishing the cabinets.

I keep plodding away. I am doing the interiors, too, which adds quite a bit to the time frame, but makes the cabinets feel so fresh and clean. Not to mention the much lighter color bounces more light around inside making it a little easier to see what all has migrated to the very back corners.

Emptied of our things and with blue floral shelf paper removed. Apologies for the blurriness... I didn't realize until I'd already primed it and it as too late for another before shot.

It's surprisingly satisfying to put our things back into completed drawers and cabinets. These are the first two completed drawers: flatware and serving utensils. Painted inside and with new contact paper in the bottom. I hadn't planned on it, but I had to get a photo because it made me so happy.

The original list of the order I thought the projects will happen. Line through for complete items, italics for additions. I'll let myself do partial line throughs for partial completion, because it's good for my morale.

1. Light fixtures
2. Remove corner shelf in order to...
3. Remove wallpaper and repair walls (& ceiling) as necessary, get temp solution for backsplash
4. Paint walls above cabinets, around wood stove, paint laundry/bath hallway.
5. Cabinet repair, move, modify
6. Refinish cabinets
8. Level, repair, and refinish counter tops
11. New sink and faucet and the counter modifications that go with it.
10. Replace outlets, switches, plates.
9. Install backsplash, probably tile
7. Maybe try to do something with that terrible brick veneer wood stove surround?


  1. I. Love. All of it!

    Is the brick veneer paintable? Would that fix it for you?

    1. Awww, thanks Becky! And the veneer is indeed paintable. I am 95% sure some kind of paint-type solution is what we will go with. I just don't think it'll be like a couple coats of a single color over the whole thing is all.


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