Wednesday, July 13, 2016

One Step at a Time: The Bathroom Redo Edition. Volume 5

Despite how it might sound, there is nothing sexy about caulking the shower. It's necessary, though and gives a nice clean-looking edge.

[ I had planned to insert a photo here, but then I was trying to take one and realized a photo of the caulk where the shower and the drywall meet is a dumb photo. ]

Number 4, part b: Because I am planning on installing Venetian plaster on the walls and I noticed that the shower sprinkles up a bit onto the walls above the fiberglass shower surround, I decided to add a row of tile. Luckily, my mom recently remodeled her bathrooms and was sent the wrong special order border tile that the supplier didn't want back. It happens to pretty much match the resin counter and is free so it's a go!

Yeah, the photo is blurry, but it's not blurry in real life unless you take your glasses off which is what both of us do in the shower. Usually.

It also doesn't show with the shower curtain up. Wink.

This is the better of the two household showers and it's been out of commission for a couple of weeks. Now the curtain is back up and we're ready to roll. YES!

Oops! I didn't get the box fan all the way out of the shot! How embarrassing. It was a very important tool for working on these bathroom projects in the summer.

And now back to those outdoor projects!

Downstairs Bathroom Redo Master List

1. Walls
   a. remove floral wallpaper & repair damage
   b. prime original wallpaper & skim coat
   c. prime skim coat and paint
   d. veneer plaster & topcoat
2. Ceiling
   a. skim out or remove popcorn texture
   b. remove some of the plant hooks?
   c. prime
   d. fun faux finish
3. Cabinetry
   a. sand
   b. pickle
   c. replace pulls and knobs
   d. add reclaimed, refinished wall shelves
4. Tub/Shower
   a. remove and replace caulk
   b. add tile "backsplash" above
   c. remove doors
   d. replace shower curtain
5. Move hardware
   a. train rack over toilet
   b. hand towel bar
6. Floor
   Not sure, but must deal with wrecked stuff beneath tub/shower
7. Window covering
   a. tba
8. Decorations
   a. on walls
   b. in shelving unit


  1. You gotta love free. So impressed you know how to do so many home improvements.

  2. Free is a very good price! The neat thing about home improvement skills is that they boil down to just a few that you expand on and improve on through each project.


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