Monday, June 26, 2017

Humor in Home Decor

The antler-bearing switchplate I bought for the guest room a few years ago didn't last long at all. I had just one antler for a long time. I tried to repair, it but that didn't hold. Not too long ago the other antler broke, too. I hope 3D printed items such as this have improved* in the last couple of years!

I wasn't sure what I wanted to replace it with. We've been replacing the switches and outlets along with the covers as we go along updating rooms, but for some reason I haven't been excited to work on this particular electrical project. Maybe because I am considering repainting at least some of the walls and want to wait until I decided on colors before choosing new ones?

Then last week, I was digging through a box in the shop looking for something else and found a bunch of half-complete decoupaged switchplates and outlet covers from over a decade ago! I dug through the bag and selected that one to complete and install. Good enough for now!

* The only other 3D printed wares I have purchased are Bigfoot cookie cutters in 2 sizes and I gotta tell you they just suck. The plastic is laid down in layers and those layers create ridges and those ridges hold on to cookie dough (and to cake, which I tired too). The situation reminds me of ring shank nails. Sigh. And yes I floured the cutters. I also greased them. Neither of those worked.

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