Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Local Fixture (II)

Why the "arty" framing? One of those cool Edison bulbs burnt out the first night we had this installed. Sigh.

We finally ditched* that horrifying-to-us ceiling fan over the dining table for our super cool-to-us new chandelier!  YES!  We are disproportionally excited about these changes, but feel no shame in our excitement. At least I am and don't.  Squeeeeeeeee!

Why the blurry photo? Nighttime and my camera held by my hands.  Meh.

I have been hesitant to consider fixtures exposed light bulbs, because it seems like the light could be harsh, but there's something about this fixture and the Edison bulbs that convinced me to go for it. And we knew we would install a dimmer switch when we installed a new fixture, so we can control the harshness to some degree. I can tell you for sure that I am looking forward to not having bug-catching glass globes!

I decided that I wanted a little more visual heft to the top so I bought a ceiling medallion and painted to blend with the new fixture. It's pretty dang close for working with what I had on hand.  Of course, the medallion isn't quite as big as the base of the fan we ditched (see above), so I need to get that bit of ceiling painted.  It's alllllways something.

But that's not all, people, that_is_not_all: Finally! An end to the alien umbilicus! OK, there's still the little one hiding the wires that connect the TV to the DVD and Roku, but still much better.

Of course, now we really need to address our collegiate-style stool-as-entertainment-center situation. Maybe even get the surround sound speakers, you know, surrounding. 

After two and a half years, we now have an outlet on this wall. POW!  Or maybe ZAP!  We chose a black one to be more subtle on the oxblood wall. Well, we chose a brown one, but they didn't have brown so black it is.  We still have a circuit breaker power strip, so it's not all pretty yet.  Now to more determinedly search for a more grown-up piece in which to store the rest of the AV equipment which should hopefully house the power strip, too.

Now I feel inclined to hunt down a black or brown surge protector power strip.  Sigh.

*I haven't decided if I should donate the fan to one of the local used building materials shops or if I should keep it to use in the shop when we get around to fixing that up to use for more than just storage and treadmill-ing.  I mean, it's still going to be a horrifying-to-me looking fixture, but a free ceiling fan is a free ceiling fan and maybe a coat of spray paint could save it. Maybe?

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