Sunday, March 15, 2015

A Local Fixture (Or Two)

I like this ceiling fan... A LOT; probably more than is reasonable to like a ceiling fan*. I bought it for my little house in NE Portland, moved it with me when I moved in with Eric and installed it in that house, and then we brought it with us when we moved here.  The living room had a builders' boob fixture so we installed it right away, from what I remember, but it's never worked.  We weren't sure if that was because it is on a three-way switch or if something is malfunctioning with the radio receiver for the controller or what**.  And since the fan over the dining table worked, it wasn't a big priority to get this one going.

As you can see, however, the fan over the dining table is pretty dated and not our style at all.  And I guess I'm just old-fashioned or something and believe that if possible, there should be a chandelier or other style of hanging fixture over dining tables. I've kept an eye out for a fixture that we think would work nicely there that was an appropriate scale and price. I trawled various discount sites, the local thrift stores and used building materials stores, etc.  The in early March I spotted this one on Joss & Main, ran it by Eric, looked at one more local shop, then ordered it!  Suddenly, the urge to get the "good" fan working came back so we could ditch the other one and install our new chandelier.

To expedite diagnosis and repair of the "good fan" we hired our friend who does remodeling and other handyman type work to fix the non-functional fan. Annnnd it's working!  Spinning in two (2) directions! Shedding light on command!

* I don't even actually like the look of ceiling fans all that much. But they are a smart way to help control temperature in a house and especially since we heat 90% with wood we want to keep that heat down where we live and not at the ceiling.  Since we don't have any duct work for central air, they're a good way to cool the house in summer, too.

** It turns out that the issue was an error in our installation, something I like to call "Eric's Fault."

Next up: Get that chandelier installed and get an outlet added to the wall the TV is installed on to eliminate this:

... which I like to call the "alien umbilicus."


  1. *** Eric is not even going to dignify that with a response.

  2. I can see why you love that ceiling fan- that one's really cool! Congrats on getting it's a shame that you don't live closer, as we have a rather a few electrical issues (including a bizarro 3-way switch fixture that NO ONE can figure out!) in our lovely mid-century ranch- we'd hire your friend! :)


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