Friday, July 31, 2015

Bigfoot's Cryptid Cocktail Hour

Bigfoot's Blackberry Mojito! A few sips taken befoe the shot, because it would be irresponsible for me to offer up to you an untested cocktail. You're welcome.

My friend, Tiffany of Fizzy Party, came for a visit and we did a fun party styling shoot: Bigfoot's Cryptid Cocktail Hour! We each made lots of things and spent months adding pins to a secret pinboard, now open for all pinners' perusal! One of my favorite of the projects was etching rocks glasses to serve in which to serve the signature cocktail. I doubled the rum as we found them a tad bland.

I wrapped paper around one of the glasses to make a base on which to draw the mountain and tree patterns.

We used some dollar store Contact Paper that I had left over from my refrigerator makeover to make the resist using the pattern I'd drawn and Bigfoot silhouettes I found online, carbon paper, and an Exacto knife.

Then applied the etching cream, following directions on the bottle.

We had grand ideas of varying the intensity of the etching to create different degrees of translucency. That pretty much failed; luckily we did one glass at a time since we didn't know how it was going to turn out. After that, we just tried different processes on each glass. I think that overall the set is even cooler for all the various scenes.

One can find a lot of things they are looking for in the bottom of a whiskey (or mojito) glass... even Bigfoot.

Of course, a cocktail party is not complete without cocktail napkins! Tiffany is a lover of party decor details and that includes special napkins for each event. I am a lover of cloth napkins; we use them for our daily meals and snacks at home and I have made sets just for Thanksgiving and winter holiday celebrations. These used the same method of making pretty mitered corners as the aubergine linen set I made for Thanksgiving.

We were able to use one of my thrifted, vintage trays to display the napkins.

I was able to use 2 different faux bois prints I had in my stash from other projects and then one fat quarter from the fabric store in a woodsy-looking green. I added a quick tutorial for mitered hem napkins.

There were so many fun details and projects for Bigfoot's Cryptid Cocktail Hour that you'll definitely want to see, so hop over to Fizzy Party for a look!


  1. AWESOME!!! :D Both this tute, and the pinboard- thank you for sharing these!

    1. Thank you! I hope you get to get your Bigfoot on!

  2. You know I love those glasses. So fun.

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