Monday, August 22, 2016

This & That Projects; Out of Doors, Y'all: 4

Remember how I said that I was going to use the stormy weather as an excuse to focus on projects in the bathroom like refinishing the cabinets? Well, I did not work on refinishing the cabinets. In fact, all I did for the bathroom was make a few hand towels to go in there (photos, below).

Well, DAMNIT. I can not capture the green trim paint (Benjamin Moore Regal Select Exterior, HC-119 Kittery Point Green, low lustre finish) at a distance. I have tried a few different lighting conditions and just don't have the skills. But DAMNIT, I have spent some hot, dusty, uncomfortable hours working on this and I am going to post about it. (damnit)

All three windows on the front of the house are done! And the trim on the upstairs balcony door is done, too. I still have the door and screen door (if we keep it on) to do.
All three windows on the front of the house are done! I finished the balcony door trim, too. I still need to do the door and the screen door should we decide to keep it. All these will be Benjamin Moore Regal Select Exterior, HC-166 Kendall Charcoal, low-lustre finish. I think I have a new plan for both the screen doors that came with the house.

Instead, I mostly did stuff hat I don't much remember now that I'm trying to recount, but I kept busy. Then when the weather dried up I got the trim painted on for more windows!

Just two more to go! One second story window each on two sides of the house. I highlighted them in the photos above to help show the difference between the bright white vs. the new mossy green. I like to work on the upper story windows when Eric is home, so they'll wait until a weekend.

There's this window, too, but it's a mess. I mean, I get that sometimes you have to replace a window with a smaller one for one or more reasons and sometimes you don't do the finish work again for one or more reasons, but for crying out loud, at least install the new one level! And so it shuts properly! Anyway, we figure not doing anything is going to call the least attention to it, so we're just going to let it go for now. And now that I am looking at the photo I don't even think that opposing sides of that "opening" are the same length or even equally out of level or plumb. Sigh.


Above mentioned hand towels. I have some more prints and linen already cut for more hand towels and for dish towels, too.

These are cotton quilting prints on the front, linen on the back, with trims of various fiber content. They dry hands nicely, too.


  1. I love the new colour. I can totally see it. Sad about a smaller window. I would have loved the bigger size one. I love big windows.

    1. Luckily, that window isn't small and it doesn't really look out over any great view. Still, it'd be great if it was level and shut/opened properly. Le sigh.


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