Monday, August 29, 2016

This & That Projects; Out of Doors, Y'all: 5

The pictures sure don't show it very much, but the window trims on the outside of the house are done! And I did it without having to deal with any ladders on uneven ground and all that rot. The satisfaction of having completed these is disproportionately large to the visual impact. Satisfaction is enough!

North-ish side.

East-ish side.
It's going to be time to stain the siding again soon, too. Sigh.

The balcony door and trim are done as well! This is the first time that I have not had a bright door, except the black one I had once; I hope I like it as much as I think I do right now. Regardless, I'll hold off judgement until the screen doors are done. I do think this color will be a lovely backdrop for any wreaths, swags, or other decorations we may put up.

I am talking full advantage of this being on the second floor and having a screen to keep the door open for a few-to-several days and avoid any mishaps with the new finish pressing against the jamb.

The front door and door trim won't be done until some carpentry, beyond my meager abilities, is committed. Hopefully in September. Eric and I have discussed a way to alter the screen doors that came with the place to fit & work better, as well as function better for our lifestyle. However, that is a project that can be accomplished regardless of weather and will not likely be started until next spring.


  1. Your 'meager abilities?' Bitch, please. And I love the grey door, I could do grey for the rest of my life, and probably will, it's the best neutral.

    1. When it comes to carpentry, my abilities are meager. I know enough to know when I need a pro! I love grey and it is my favorite neutral as well! I just noticed that the door color is very close to the color of our gate! So, I guess it is the color of spacial transitions at our place.

  2. oooh, that's almost like a purple grey. Or maybe it's monitor. Doesn't matter I love it. I'm actually thinking of adding some grey into our house with paint. It seems to be the hot neutral right now. Or maybe it always was. You know I don't keep up with house trends.

    1. In person it's not purple at all, it's right on the edge of like a dark chocolate brown and a charcoal grey. Grey is back in interiors for now. I think the trends vacillate between greys and beiges for the prominent non-white neutral.


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