Monday, September 5, 2016

One Step at a Time: Kitchen Edition, Just One More Thing

Alllllmost done. It sure looks cool like this and better than the black, but not the vibe we have going.

I know I said I was done for now and that I would enter Phase II (see below) at some point next year, but I had to do this one last thing: strip and repaint the wood stove stovepipe. We just didn't like the contrast of the new "metallic charcoal" finish on the stove with the flat black, factory finish on the pipe.

I think the black pipe might look better in the photo than real life, but still it doesn't look how we want it to.

I started by sanding it off with a sanding pad and it worked pretty well... until either a) it didn't or b) I got tired of sanding in the awkward positions required by this set up after about 90 minutes.

I should've known better and had that plastic go up the the ceiling, but I was tempted by the already-cut piece. Damnation.

So the next day, I decided to try out my vast collection of solvents and learned right quick that acetone was The Trick. I wish I'd tried the solvent method first, because even hand sanding got paint dust on the wall and that didn't vacuum up or wipe off. Sigh.

I'm really bummed that I have to prime and paint the wall back there again. 

The next morning, I set up some fans in exterior doorways and got a couple of coats on there while Delia waited upstairs.

Next spring I'm going to have to add picture rail to the rest of the room. Sigh.

And now I think the kitchen is done enough for now. Just a few more house projects and thenTime to work on Halloween and Dr. Potter's Medicine Show craft projects. YAHOO!


  1. Just One More Thing, and it will be this always, right?

  2. Looks SO much better. That black was just too harsh. You're making me want to do some house projects.


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