Friday, January 20, 2017

Dr Potter's Medicine Show BOOK TOUR!

YAHOO! If you follow Eric's author page on Facebook you may have already seen the four (4) events in the Northwest he has lined up in February. If not, you can click up there and follow his page (pretty please). After that, please feel free to mark yourself down as attending! And then, you know, attend! If we are Facebook friends and I know roughly where you live and that is near-ish to one of these evens and I remember all of this at the same time and you haven't already bothered, expect an FB invitation to an event in the next couple-few weeks.

Oh, and Angry Robot Books, got on bloggy on the tour as well as used one of the cool photos from the funtastic photo shoot. Things sure are getting cool around here.

OH! Twitterizers! Follow @Eric_Fischl and @AngryRobotBooks while you're at it!


  1. I'm coming! and hopefully bringing 3 friends with. Totally following on Twitter. In fact we've chatted. That reminds me, I need to tell my Spokane family about where to attend.

    1. YAHOO! There's a FB Event on his page for Spokane, so you can send them a link to that!


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