Thursday, January 19, 2017

GoodReads is Giving Away Five Copies of Eric's Book!

Today, Thursday, January 19 though Thursday, February 2, GoodReads is giving away five (5) copies of Dr Potter's Medicine Show! Don't just sit there, click HERE and enter to win! Countries where this is available: US, CA, GB, AU, IN, IE, NZ, & ZA. I had to look some of those up, but YEY!

HEY LOOK! On Tuesday, Angry Robot tweeted a photo of the UK cover! YAHOO!

There's nothing more important right now than this! DO IT! And then if you win, also go buy one from a local bookseller or even an online retailer if you have an extra $8 (in the US) lying around to support a debut author! One for you one for a Valentine! Or unValentine! Or as a door stop!

Also, heads-up: now offers signed copies for pre-order! I suppose that means Eric will be signing a stack of books on February, 6 at the Hawthorne location when he is there In Conversation with Wendy Wagner! 7:30 pm!


It feels so good to read comments! If you're leaving one (or more!), THANK YOU! If you're not... c'mon, already!