Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Dogter Pitter's Medicine Show COSPUP!

I sent E a few of the better shots, he tweeted one, his publisher retweeted it and that tweet showed up on the Angry Robot Books' website.
If you click on the photo, you should be able better read the text.

... and then I got the idea to use leftover materials from Eric's Dr Potter cosplay suit to make a Dogter Potter suit for Delia! I made a pattern from the red plaid jacket I bought that she wears regularly for below-freezing fetch sessions, then made a prototype from other remnants in my fabric stash.

The prototype turned out so well, I'm a bit disappointed that I didn't have enough of a cuter flannel in my stash to have made it with.

Once I figured it was close enough, I dug into the Dr Potter stash and got to work! And about 10 work-hours later I had a pretty good dog-version of The Suit!

Same suit! Same expression! Same beard!

HER FACE! She's knows when business is serious, you guys!
A fetch session reward for being such a good model gave an opportunity for a good show of the side and back of the "suit"!

Annnnd remember how I mentioned my slight obsession with documenting the details of my projects? Well, here are the photos of some of the details of this project, taken in various poor lighting conditions, minus the pesky model. YOU'RE WELCOME.

I'm not going to lie, my original plan was A LOT less complicated, but C'MON what kind of fool is going to make a less complicated dog outfit that will never be seen anywhere but on the internet? Oh.

The back with the button details to match the button details on Eric's jacket! ACK!

Buttons, buttons, buttons! They aren't functional, but there were entirely necessary. For real.

My favorite overboard detail might be the lapel and collar of the "jacket"! It slays me! And the lapel required a good bit of hand sewing which I think deserves extra credit and should be noted in my permanent file.

Delia was a real good sport about all this! Historically, she's not much for outfits and disguises, but I think having associated her red plaid coat with her favorite fetch sessions has helped her turn the corner on this one. If it's much below freezing a jacket extends her tolerance for outside exercise by up to 80%! If it's 20 degrees or lower we'll use Musher's Secret on her feet and she will usually be totally up for her usual 25 minutes of exercise (+ 10-12 minutes more later in the day). She can call it at any time by simply heading to the door. She ended up wearing her Dr Potter suit for a few hours in the house after the photo shoot and fetch reward and was totally un-bothered by it. I admit that I was hoping to get a belly shot of her sleeping with her paws in the air, but that didn't happen. Yet.

As satisfying and challenging as the other projects were, particularly Eric's Dr Alexander Potter suit, this might be my favorite project I have made in a quite a long time. It just gives me giggle fits every time I see or think about it! Thus, I have shared it all over the place. LOOK AT MY DOG IN HER OUTFIT! LOOK AT HER!


  1. Can Delia be any cuter! Oh my gosh. I love how she's all business in the picture with the author. You did a fabulous job on that suit. Wow!

    1. Hehe! It was about 8 degrees if I remember correctly and I had a ball held over the camera, so it was all the most serious of business!


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