Friday, January 6, 2017

After A Long Hiatus...


How could we have gone since April without sharing Mavis's sweet fashion looks?

These are Mavis's first spectacles and she didn't know to spring for the anti-glare coating.

Oh, it's because she's been wearing repeat outfits, that's why. She's no capitalist diva and doesn't believe in wearing something just once and isn't afraid to be seen in the outfit, because she's not shallow. 

Dale is just starting to explore his style. He wears your grandpa's* tie and he looks fly.

Ramon shares my affinity for plaid culture.

Ramon has been wearing thrift store fashion outfits since before it was cool. This scarf? It was used in a photo shoot for a book by an author that he was into before any of you ever heard of him. They're actual friends.

Wait just a galldurn minute! WHAT'S THAT HANGING IN RAMON'S STAIRWELL?

Funny you should ask; that is another Dr Potter's Medicine Show fan-craft I made! You may recognize it from images of the photo shoot!

I made a 5" tall sign using image editing program software, printed it out, and then used my opaque projector to trace it in pencil onto pre-washed canvas in the darkness of the shop building. Then I mixed a couple colors of craft paint with textile medium and hand painted the traced letters.

I had incorrectly remembered that a standard dowel was 48" long and planned to put one through a rod pocket sewn along the top. But standard dowels are 36" and the pre-shrunk canvas is 38" wide, so I used some PVC pipe we had around and ran the jute rope through it instead of tacking it to the ends of a dowel. I cut the pipe just a bit shorter than the rod pocket, so that it wouldn't show.

After I had that all figured out, I used tea, coffee and an iron acetate stain I made with rusty nails and screws in white vinegar to age and distress the cotton cloth.

*By "your grandpa's," I mean "my dad's." And you bet I "borrowed" it out of his closet and wore it in the early-mid-80s with giant shirts and grandpa sweaters and probably stirrup pants and lots of bracelets and I never very gave it back.


  1. Ha Ha! Oh my gosh this post was hilarious! Your friends are looking pretty fly.
    Dam girl, you are so crafty. That banner turned out great! And I love how you used items you already had around the house.


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