Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Whose Poop is This Anyway?

You've all been so patient waiting for more pictures of Mystery Poop and I want to thank you for that.  And to show you how much I appreciate you, here are three (3) pictures of Mystery Poop!  You lucky dogs, you.

Taken (deposited?) in the lower pasture in late April.

Found in the front yard in early May.

Found in the front yard near the road, mid-late June.

We think they were dropped by bear.  Any one know better?

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  1. Have no clue as to the direct source of this poop, but looks interesting! Har, har. This is topofthehill, BTW.
    Of course, I know WHERE it came from...just not from what. Bear poop is usually that dark, so that would be a good guess. That comes from the grasses and berries they eat. Do you have grizzlies there...guessing you do. Blood tar can cause that color, too. The middle photo shows that whomever that was was not all that healthy. It absorbed most of the iron, which is what causes the tar color. The shape and size shows it was probably a smaller bear, and perhaps female. If in fact it was a bear. Email me, and we can start a whole "poop" thread there! Smilie! I worked for a wildlife sanctuary, and have been in a refer truck with those in hibernation. ~T


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