Monday, March 10, 2014

So Comes The Melt

And for the last week or so all that snow has been slowly melting. Not so slowly that there haven't been 2-day flood warnings issued every two days, but not so quickly that the snow is gone.  I missed my chance to get a photo of the deep and wide gullies washed out of the road, because a couple neighbor johnnies-on-the-spot filled them before I made my return trip.  But I did get this one. Not only does the photo not do it justice, but it's not half the size of the big 'un by any measure. And the big was one ran along the center of the road for quite a piece.

There's not much beauty left in the snow at this point, either.

For Monday the forecast was for 100% chance of rain and snow during the day and 100% of snow at night with an accumulation of 2-6 inches total.  Of course, the rest of the week is supposed to be above freezing and not snowing, so I hope the road and driveway don't revert to their slippery ways.  Here's a macro view of the driveway melt-off, note how you can see bare ground now!

As you can imagine, there's not a lot of spring blossom action going on around here, but I did notice pussy willows in the lower pasture!  So I cut a few to put in a vase in the house.  For some reason the main floor bathroom seemed the right place.

You can see where I've pulled some of the paper down already; I don't know that it actually looks any worse that way.

This is the next redecorating project, so get as  much of that wallpaper as you can stand now, because I hope it will be gone by the end of summer!


  1. Ah, springtime in the mountain states, where thawing = gullies! (Or it means refreezing. Or sorta-thawing-mostly-puddling-up. Or more snow. Or...well, could be anything.) We have 100% saturation, and more rain on the way- a river runs thru Ye Olde Tractor Shop, these days. I'm thinking about taking up fly fishing. ;) Best of luck- hope REAL spring gets there soonest!

  2. Right? We keep getting more flood warnings AND high tree-pollen level alerts. The only thing remotely like spring flowers popping up in the yard are the dog toys being exposed as the snow recedes!

    Good luck with your thaw!


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