Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Wildlife Watch V!!!

So there I was minding my own business, throwing balls for my own dog in my own yard on my own Thursday afternoon when I noticed a dark movement in the sky near the house.  What did I see?  A BALD EAGLE LANDING ON A TREE RIGHT BY THE HOUSE!

See that majestic profile view he threw me?

Luckily, I had my own Galaxy S5 in my own pocket so I could take my very own crappy photos of that BALD EAGLE SITTING IN A TREE RIGHT BY MY HOUSE!

Annnnnnnd in case you didn't get enough majestic bald eagle poorly captured by camera phone here's a shot of  it looking right at me. Just like Paul McCartney did this summer. Right. At. ME.

This was not my first ever bald eagle sighting, not even here in the Bitterroot, but it is the closest I've been to a still one annnd IT WAS AT OUR HOUSE!


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