Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Whose Poop Is This, Anyway?

So brightly colored!

So apple-y!

Same pile, my hand included for scale.

I do believe this belongs to that small bear I saw running away from the fence into the forest this morning! But that was just on our side of the fence, between said fence and the apple trees. Hmmmm.

Smaller pile as the hand-for-scale indicates. Also, you can see the red peels and apple seeds.
PRO TIP: Don't edit photos of apple-laden bear scat while eating a bowl of Grape Nuts.

And then when I realized that I should go back out there to shovel that over the fence to keep the dogs from rolling in and/or eating it, I found another pile right under the McIntosh tree.  The other tree, the little one with the red apples... it's now apple free!

I do believe the deer have been hopping the fence to get at the apples lately, too so we can't blame the bear entirely.

While it's fun and wondrous to live among wildlife, we also know we must be both smart and careful. Several neighbors have also spotted a bigger bear around lately, so we're all being more cautious with our trash cans, pets, and wanderings. Also, I guess we need to get out there and pick the rest of the apples as soon as possible.


  1. That thar is a bear with a happy colon, LOL! You might want to grab the rest of those apples soonest. Sounds like you've got stiff competition! ;)

    1. Certainly a fast acting, but possibly not efficient, digestive tract! What is he getting out of those apples other than a belly ache?

    2. *Giggle* If they're windfallen apples, possibly drunk! XD Bears are a lot like people- when opportunity knocks, they answer the call.

    3. I am sure there were some windfalls, but he also picked one of the trees clean!

  2. Just doing your part to keep the wildlife healthy, How Portland of you ;) hee hee


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