Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Whose Poop Is This, Anyway?

Kitchen redo update: Not much was accomplished in the last week. We had a visitor and a road trip. So next week I will include two weeks' worth of updates, but it will probably seem like only a week's worth of progress. To me, too, y'all. To me, too.

The snow is all but melted away. While it's nice to not have to deal with ice patches on the our road and driveway, February is way too early to be snow free. We'll need the snow pack higher up to get through the summer. That said, when the snow recedes, uncovered treasures abound. At our house that means lots of dog toys and dog poop (not shown). Just outside the fence in the National Forest, that also means Mystery Poop!

There happened to be a pile of deer scat about 4 feet from this. I doubt that means anything.

I'm pretty sure this pile is from one of the cows that sometimes get loose from leased state land up above us and wander through the National Forest looking for food and/or water. Yeah.

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