Monday, September 12, 2016

What I Did on My Summer Vacation by Delia Fields Fischl

Please welcome a special guest to Suddenly Surrounded by Taxidermy, Delia Fields Fischl! 
As dictated to and translated by her Mama.

This summer I spent a lot of time keeping watch over the squirrels and the chipmunks at my house.

Because everyone needs an arch nemesis.

They would hide in Mama's the wood shed.

They would get up under Mama's pickup, Bert.

Sometimes I would spot them from across the yard and stalk them.

But sometimes I didn't even have to go into the yard! This tree is one of their favorites. I could watch it from the deck...

... and I could watch \ it from the ground while Papa and Mama watched me from the deck!

Papa and Mama could also watch me from the deck when I focused my surveillance on the underside of these old planters that they have let go to pot. As it were.

They would also get into the greenhouse at the back of the shop.

Another thing I did was learn to drink out of the faucet on the well head. I used to be very scared of it, but now I make sure that I get to have drinks from it during every morning fetch session! Sometimes I drink from it four times! My parents say that when winter comes I won't be able to drink from it, because it will make a dangerous ice slick on the fetch pitch. That's OK, because I don't get as thirsty during fetch when it's cold out, especially if I can eat snow which I love to do.

 Then on Labor Day I had my fifth birthday! Mama made me two batches of delicious treats with some yummy fresh vegetables, oats, and peanut butter! On Tuesday, Papa took a bunch to his office to share with the other dogs whose parents work there, too.

Squirrels and trees and Ds! Because my name starts with D and I act like I might like to eat a squirrel. Sticks come from trees and I like to chew on those, too! Mama made a video of my parents singing the birthday song to me before feeding me this, but for some reason the Linux laptop is not talking to the Android phone lately and it's too big to email. GAH! MAMA!


  1. Happy belated birthday Delia! Sounds like a packed summer.

    1. Thanks, Auntie Helen! The squirrels are keeping her entertained into autumn, it seems.

  2. All that exercise must be how she keeps her trim figure. Happy Birthday, pup!

    1. Well, her mama and papa weren't accurately measuring her kibble a couple years ago and she got "rectangular" according to her doctor. Now she gets raves whenever she sees her medical team!


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