Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A Little Autumn Decoration

I've already painted the moulding and trim that will be replaced, so hopefully in the next week or so the front door update will be done! 

As mentioned previously, we're working on the exterior trim and doors. Mostly that's just painting, but in the case of the front door that means hiring Renaissance Handyman Nick to raise it up so its swing will leave enough clearance over the floor to finally put down a door mat. I was able to get the door itself primed and painted, but am waiting until after all the ruckus before doing the trim and moulding for the most part.

I also added this little wreath hanger! It is actually a small cabinet knob* from a big box store that matches the finish on our lock sets. There was already a hole in the wood door from some other thing at some other time by some other people and it took me awhile to get around to liking the idea of a wreath or other decoration hanging over the diamond-shaped windows, but once the dark, warm grey paint was on there all I could think about was getting something colorful up there to help it all make sense. I must've been inspired by the recent deluge of orange-y pine needles on the ground and the colorful leaves on the deciduous plants and trees around.

I had picked up these wood and foil leaves awhile back, so grabbed a few other supplies on sale and with coupons and whipped up this little autumn wreath last week for a total of $13.47! It gives me a little bit of cheer every time I walk in the front door or spot it from the yard.

* to make the cabinet knob work on our door without having to drill all the way through the door just to have a screw head visible on the inside, I picked up the appropriate sized hanger bolts at the same big box store. Of course, I had to buy package of 8, so now I'm keeping my eyes peeled for other nifty cabinet knobs and pulls to use on other things.


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