Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Dr Potter's Medicine Show

Eric's publisher is finalizing some dates for the "World Tour of the Pacific Northwest" during the second week of February. After that he is hoping to do some events at some of the local bookshops in Missoula and Hamilton. So we put together these postcards for him to take with him when he visits with shop owners and managers. FUN! They fit in a standard envelope, too.

I took the file to a local copy shop to have the color book cover printed on to card stock (2 per page). Then we can print whatever is appropriate on the back. To start, I did a half dozen of these.

FEB 7, 2017!


For the next 4 days we're preparing for big doin's on next Sunday. I can't wait to share that!

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  1. Great idea! Looking forward to the World Tour of the PNW! You know I'll be attending at least one of the events if not more.


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