Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Wash up!

Once I had made some progress with the master bedroom "dressing room" I got fired up to start tackling the half-bath which is actually half in the dressing room.  This vintage corner sink is opposite the double rods of the closet; it's cute and quaint and not in the best shape.  In fact the exposed underside had never been finished which is not-clean looking and the hot and cold water supply hardware is kind of gungy looking, too.

Normally I'm not a big sink skirt fan except in vintage-y kitchens, but I really didn't see another quick, easy, inexpensive solution for this issue.  Luckily, I had several decent-sized remnants from the bed set and throw pillows so was able to cobble together a coordinating sink skirt.  It's a little more Garanimals Home Collection (that is to say "matchy matchy") than I'd prefer, but it I get the satisfaction of using remnants.  My skirt is attached with Velcro which is sewn to the skirt and adhered with silicone to the underside of the sink lip. When I installed it, I found that I was not the first to skirt this sink: there was two-sided foam tape under the lip which I removed.

I didn't have quite enough of the lattice pattern to do the whole skirt with it, so I made the "drop waist" bit using the plain grey. The piping is some I made for the dog silhouette throw pillows.  

The sunflower-yellow painted mirror got a make over with yet another faux bois treatment (so much easier, faster, cleaner to do that than to strip the paint and stain the wood) and like the circular mirror above the sink, was moved to the dressing room where it hangs to the right of the dresser.  I don't feel much pressure to fill that space with anything, since it's usually hidden behind the water closet door which opens out.

I did this paint treatment at the same time as this one, but with different colors.

I'm about half way there!

I just didn't like the idea of a mirror that is only over one side of the sink and don't really feel up to the task of creating a frame and mirror shaped like an inside corner and since we've plenty of mirrors in there already and don't plan on doing most of our grooming at that sink, I decided to hunt down an old-timey-looking corner shelf.  I did my preliminary searching on Ebay and Etsy, but the shipping made the overall cost of these more than I wanted to shell out.  Time to hit the thrifts!  When I find the shelf, a towel bar/hook/ring and a light fixture, I'll post the finished product.

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