Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bedroom Bits: The Stragglers III

I finally had an idea I felt was worth pursuing for repainting this mirror frame.  You remember it from the BIG bedroom redecoration post, right?  This photo will refresh your memory.

The mirror in the paint from a couple of bedrooms ago.

I just couldn't get excited about doing a copper finish.  Not because I don't love copper, but it just seemed like it would be so match-y as to be too unsophisticated, even for our old west whorehouse-style boudoir.


So I decided to try... wait for it... faux bois.  I went in accepting that I may not like it and may have to start all over, but I did like it.  I like how it ties in with the dresser's wood tones and stopped earlier in the process than I had originally planned.

A bit of detail.

I did two other mirror frames at the same time, each a little different, that you'll see later.

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