Tuesday, October 16, 2012

No Rain, No Rainbow

We woke up to Oregon-style rain today, but unlike back in Portland, here we were up in the clouds.

The view from the deck, from under the overhang where my fleece socks wouldn't get wet.

We don't have gutters on the house, which is not atypical due to ice dams possibly forming and just tearing them off.  So, we had a good drippy stream of water across the stairs down to the yard from the deck.  The dogs did not like the look of that, not one bit.  It took Betty four tries (including trying the back door in case the weather was better there) before she braved the "torrent" to have her morning constitutional; Delia did it in two.

It was so much brighter in person and had a hint of a twin for about a quarter of the way.

We drove down to Hamilton, the Ravalli County seat, this morning to register to vote!  For some reason, I found it as exciting as the last time I registered in 1989.  We also found an optical place to fix my washer-mooshed spectacles and got to enjoy a big, bright rainbow on our journey home.

Maybe a little too bright: Eric didn't bring his prescription sunglasses and had to double-up to get us home. There are a lot of people retiring to the area and I thought her resembled an oldster driving a big RV with those giant sun shades that wrap around regular glasses.

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  1. Beautiful country. REally retiring to that cold place :) hee hee


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