Saturday, October 13, 2012

Oh, The Mundanity!

This is just a list of stuff that's kind of a big deal around here, but probably boring as hell.

 1. It feels so good to finally be able to do laundry again! 

My new washer: the Frigidaire Affinity!  I could go on & on about all the features and special cycles (like pet bed, stuffed toy, etc.), but I'll save that for bugging Eric.

 I was pleased when I saw the clothesline when we looked at the house in July and since the dryer doesn't arrive for another week or two, I'm extra pleased now.  The only thing that doesn't benefit from that dried-on-the-line feel and smell are towels, but the rain is scheduled to start tomorrow so we're doing them anyway.

This seem to dry pretty quickly in the dry air here even when it's not that warm. 

2. We've no curbside recycling in Florence, but we do have a 60 gallon garbage can. SIXTY GALLONS!  That's the small size, the other size is 90 gallons.  NINETY GALLONS!  They pick it up weekly, too.  We're saving recycling to take into Missoula to a recycling center there, and figuring out composting in this climate with these critters, but it's quite a change and I'm having a hard time adjusting without being a bit resentful.  C'mon people!  Get with it!  Are you trying to fill this beautiful valley with trash!?  GAH!!! I'm sure I'll get used to it just like I'll get used to driving the 60 gallon can to the bottom of the road for pick up.  I don't know how we're going to do that when I get the canopy back on Bert.

3. Speaking of, I totally filled the tank in Bert (my truck) all by myself today like a big girl!  And gas is under $3.70/gallon now, too, so it's a good thing I waited until the last minute.
Four of the eight that were making a circuit around the NE side of the house from one bird bath to the other and back.  The Beastie Grrlz sure had fun eating all the turkey turds, which are the size of cat turds, an hour or so later.

4.  I'm sure everyone knows that feeling of surprise when you look up from washing the lunch dishes and see wild turkeys scratching around under the window.  This time the dogs slept right through it.


  1. Only wild turkey I ever saw (besides the bottled variety) crossed a country road in front of us as my daughter was learning to drive. She safely brought us to a stop and we sat there as this giant bird took his sweet time strutting across!. Ugliest bird I have ever seen and HUUUUUUGE!!!

    Looks as if life is getting to be your new normal - Hooray!

  2. That washer looks bad ass! I need me one of those. Maybe after the I.F.F.R. is lifted. I love seeing the clothes on the line. Reminds me of my grandparents house. VERY cool you see wild life out your window.


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