Monday, October 28, 2013

Last Week Around Here

Autumn here in our part of Montana is a wonderful time of year. I've always loved autumn, but here it's actually a strikingly different season from both summer and winter.  It's mostly sunny and dry; it's distinctly cooler, but still feels so much warmer than the thermometer reads.  I wanted to share just a few photos I took last week while taking care of the mundane tasks of daily life.

(in the order they were taken)

This business is between us and town; the beetles eat the flesh of bones, I assume mostly for skulls mounted for trophies.  Also, they sell fresh eggs*.  For reals.

I saw this as I drove into Missoula and was able to pull into the credit union parking lot to get a quick picture. Look how blue the sky is!

Ideal Delia napping conditions: the back cushion on the sofa had fallen onto the seat and that spot was full of sunbeam.

Betty always likes playing pine cone, but this day she got three (3) pine cones in her mouth at once!  AND she still managed to chase down or otherwise block the others.

*Eric suggested that I should write "chicken eggs" because it sounds like they are beetle eggs. I was going to do that, but then drove by today and the sign does not specify that the fresh eggs are indeed chicken eggs.  So, who knows?

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  1. I bet they do a brisk business in Montana. Gorgeous sky. They don't call it BIG Sky country for nothing.


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