Monday, November 4, 2013

Whose Poop Is This, Anyway?

I finally captured a new critter's poop!  I can tell you're all just as excited as I am and that's why I went back for the camera... for you guys.

That's the poop on the right. The pine cone is included to reference scale, but pooping a pine cone might also make one standoffish.  And weepy.

I totally know whose poop this is, but I want you guys to guess.  Hints: 1. It is about a week old and perhaps not originally this color.  2. I think the shape makes sense with the attitude of this particular creature; you'd be kind of standoffish, too, if you pooped at purt' near a right angle.


  1. Is it turkey poop?


  2. Replies
    1. You think that's "ewwww," these are hard to come by because certain dogs usually eat 'em.

  3. Ah, turkey poo! I was going to guess goose poop. We get a lot of that in our river park in winter when those big guys come through and it goes white like that real fast. Must be a bird thing. Turkeys in the yard in November??? Might save yourself a trip to the grocery store this Thanksgiving!

  4. Weirrrrd; I think I heard a goose today. Just one honk, but still. It's been foggy/cloudy so I couldn't see and I don't know if they migrate over us, but is sure reminded me of the Canada geese of my past.


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