Thursday, April 17, 2014


I wonder if I'll stop getting carded now that my license photo is slightly less unflattering?

Since I finally got a haircut and can achieve a non-hobo look when desired, I finally went ahead and got my Montana State Driver License.  Well, I don't actually have the license proper, but I have a temporary, paper licence and holes punched into my Oregon license that spell out "VOID."

Yup, I'm an organ donor. I hope everyone considers being an organ donor, too, annnnnnd then does something to make it so.

What I really wanted to show everyone was these cool maps they have behind the counter at the Stevensville branch of the DMV.  The top one is labeled "Out of State Transfers from 3/23/2009 to 6/17/2013" and if FULL of pins, one from each person who has moved here and gotten there new license at the Stevensville office. There is supposed to be one for Eric in the heap of pins stuck into Portland.

The bottom maps is labeled "Out of State Transfers since 6/17/2013" and I got to watch a red pin go into Portland for me.


  1. Congratulations on your new license! Those maps are pretty neat! And dang, Montana must be big because by the looks of those pins your state has been run over from outlanders!

    1. Thanks! I can't wait to get the "real" one in the mail! Montana is like Oregon in that it benefits from all the people moving there, but it makes the locals cranky. There's a somewhat popular bumper sticker that says, "Montana is full. Go home."


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