Monday, August 1, 2016

Whose Poop is This, Anyway?

Apparently some critter that gets on our deck railing has been training at the local Dairy Queen.

This squirrel scat is HUGE. (man fist for scale)

There are enough squirrels frequenting our bird (bear, chipmunk, and squirrel) feeders that it's hard to know exactly which one excreted this soft-serve turd, but it very well could have been this one.

Stealing/destroying all of our string lights and eating the bird seed is just the tip of the jerk iceberg with these jerk squirrels.


  1. WOW! Squirrelzilla poo! That is a mighty large rodent you have there- sure that wasn't left by, say, a small bear? Or a 'squatch???

  2. Ha ha ha! Training at the local Dairy Queen, that's awesome. We've been dealing with raccoon scat. They love to leave us presents. Thankfully, our squirrels aren't jerks.


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