Wednesday, July 27, 2016

This & That Projects; Out of Doors, Y'all: 3

A picnic table came with the property, but it's seen better days. The seats and table top were rotty, warped, and splintered in addition to peeling. The whole thing was painted with the same cheap barn-red bulk paint that is on the chicken coop and deck. And since it's coming of in chips and sheets, I can see that they didn't prime or seemingly otherwise prepare the wood. Of course, I didn't get specific before pictures, but here is a photo of the garbage I have collected in the "yard" over the last two-and-a-half summers (yeah... nice) sitting on the top and the boards from the seats after I took them off.

Note the lag screw overkill. So many more opportunities for moisture and rot! Woo.

Legs/trestle was in good-enough shape, just a color that doesn't work of us.

So, I sanded that down to bare wood & bought replacement 2 x 6 lumber for the table top and seat surfaces. And you know that means I got to bust out my Milwaukee 12" compound miter saw! And use a new angle! Thirty-one point six degrees*, baby!

I just used framing lumber, so there were a couple of twisty pieces and there's no disguising that I'm not an experienced woodworker, but DANG if it ain't about a thousand times better! Not splintery! Not creaky! Not pinching! Not "squishy"!

I couldn't wait until the last coat of stain was dry and it was moved into it's position near the corn hole pitch to get a shot, so here is the view from the shop doors.

I bought higher quality exterior wood stain - Benjamin Moore Arborcoat Semi-solid, 1571 - Imperial Gray. The idea was to coordinate with the new exterior window trim paint which coordinates with some of the lichen in our trees. Both colors are in the patio chair backs.

A redo of the top photo just for funsies. Note instead of lag screws, I used deck screws. Wait. Deck screws? Oh, that's right! You can't see them, because I used exterior wood glue to insert wood plugs over them. Do I know that this will work for wood furniture that stays outside all year? I sure don't! But I sure hope it does, because I like the result and it was fun to do.

I added a couple of brackets to the cross brace for added sturdiness. It's not better looking, but it is stronger and it is under the table.

Ahhhhh. I completed it and Eric helped me get it back into its spot before smoke season!

* Why is that a pre-set angle on my beloved compound miter saw? Me asking the question is another indication of my lack of experience and knowledge of woodworking.


  1. That really looks great Tara. That's my girl who did that! I'm one proud Mama - for too many reasons to count.

  2. You lie when you say you're not an experienced woodworker. That looks fantastic, and it's nice that you were able to salve some of the old one. Many good times will be had around that table, I'm sure! And the color: anything grey is fine with me, the parts of our house that are not brick are grey, too. You rock!

    1. Aw, shucks! It's not as straight and flat as I would wish, but it's as straight and flat as I could make it in the time and with the money I was willing to spend.

      It's from the green-grey section of the Arborcoat, but it plays quite blue in our light.

  3. Very nice! That looks great.
    And, very happy for you guys, that smoke season's not yet arrived for you. We're getting it, a bit, but not as bad as most years. ;)

    1. Thanks, Heather! I think we may have started getting a little - something is making it slightly hazy out there. I hope yours stays mild if not going away.

  4. Dam woman! That picnic table looks 100 times better. Great use of your miter saw. You should totally be their spokesperson and get free tools to try out ;) The grey looks so much better, modern, fresh than the red.


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