Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Dr Potter's Medicine Show

Look what the Angry Robot Publicity Manager tweeted on Monday! Those are actual bound books right there.

We think that is the UK edition of Dr Potter's Medicine Show which is Trade Paperback and a tad larger than the US edition which will be Mass Market Paperback.
And for those keeping track, there is less than a month until Eric's book drops! WHAT!?

I guess I'll slip in one more of my Dr Potter's Medicine Show crafts while we're all here. Please remain seated, this will only take a few moments.

I fixed up a store bought crate for Dr Potter to keep bottles of his patent medicine in. I used the same home made iron acetate stain I splashed onto the advertising banner to age the wood. Then I used acetone to transfer laser printed labels onto the wood. When that was set, I used clear furniture wax to seal it. So far so good.

Hey look! Our yard used to be not-white!

Up to the very last step I was pretty pleased with it. I used self-adhesive aluminum tape (for duct work) and upholstery nails to make the metal edges. I distressed the metal by scuffing it with steel wool, then applied a black glaze. All was good until I used a satin finish acrylic varnish to protect it... that made it look like DUCT TAPE! Sigh. But, luckily that didn't really show in the photos since it's in the background and the photos are all filtered to look like daguerreotypes.

The same techniques were used to alter the small crate shown in the tonic bottles post.

I have one more Dr Potter fan-craft I want to get done before we go. It's going to be the cutest one yet!


  1. Eeeeeeeeee, so exciting to see the actual book! It make so real. Not that it wasn't real but you know, it's printed and you can touch it. I know you can get it as an Ebook but I totally bought a real copy. I want people to see it on the train as I'm reading it ;)

    The crate turned out great and you can not tell in the photos that it looks more like Duct tape. These props are so great and authors everywhere should be envious of all the props you've created for the book. I hope some of the props will be at the book readings. That would be a great extra little touch.

  2. Great thinking for showing off the book on the train! Eric says THANKS!


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