Sunday, May 14, 2017

One Step at a Time: The Bathroom Redo Edition. Volume 6D

Now, I don't LOVE these hinges, but I sure to like them compared to the old shield-shaped, surface mounted hinges that were so popular in the 1970s when these were installed.

The back-ordered hinges arrived on Monday afternoon. I drilled pilot holes in the doors and cabinet carcass on Tuesday and attached the hinges to the doors. Eric rode his bike home from work on Tuesday, so I knew he'd be tired and didn't plan on getting his help installing the doors until Wednesday evening. And then I kept forgetting until Saturday night when we finally got them up in all of 5 minutes.

It has been a few weeks and it is still pretty dang orderly in there! 

Annnnnnnnd we're done. For now. The hinges for the large, storage cabinet arrived and the doors are installed. YAHOO! No more looking at all this stored stuff!

And just in time for for House Guest Season!

Downstairs Bathroom Redo Master List
1. Walls
   a. remove floral wallpaper & repair damage
   b. prime original wallpaper & skim coat
   c. prime skim coat and paint
   d. veneer plaster & topcoat
2. Ceiling
   a. skim out or remove popcorn texture
   b. remove some of the plant hooks?
   c. prime
   d. fun faux finish
3. Cabinetry
   a. sand & add moulding
   b. pickle - nope! went a different route
   c. replace pulls and knobs
   d. add reclaimed, refinished wall shelves
   e. add wee cabinet by shower
   f. paint interior of large storage cabinet
4. Tub/Shower
   a. remove and replace caulk
   b. add tile "backsplash" above
   c. remove doors
   d. replace shower curtain
   e. replace shower curtain rod
5. Move hardware
   a. train rack over toilet
   b. hand towel bar
6. Floor
   Not sure, but must deal with wrecked stuff beneath tub/shower
7. Window covering
   a. tba - might just go with the aqua linen towel that's there, perhaps modify it
8. Decorations
   a. on walls
   b. in shelving unit + linens
   c. on big cabinet


  1. Dang, that redo list is getting smaller and smaller, woo hoo!! Your organization looks great but I agree, doors give it a cleaner look. We have so much we want to do around this house that I believe I need to start making a list like you do. That'll get our butts in gear.

  2. I know it would be the opposite for some people, but the list makes it feel less overwhelming for me. I know where I can at least start and I can have a sense of accomplishment as I check the various stages off the list.


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