Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring is Sprunging All Up In Here

We took a walk around the yard checking out the flower beds and the garden the other day.  It was GORGEOUS outside; about 57 in the sun, no wind, Beastie Grrrlz beside themselves with joy.

Wee crocus among the fallen pine needles in the flower bed that runs along the west side of the house.

What I hope/think are daffodils peaking though what's left of last week's snow in the flower bed on the east side of the house.

There are lots of little buttercups coming up in the forest, but these are just inside the fence in our garden area.

I found moss!  Our forest isn't nearly so mossy and verdant as western Oregon forest and I've come to miss moss.  Not moss on the deck, on the roof, on the sidewalk, on the mailbox, but moss on the trees and rocks.

We're looking forward to discovering what all is going to come up out of the ground in the flower beds and in the garden as we enter the growing season.  Eric has started planning what he'll grow in the garden, too!


  1. Oh my gosh, you came from the western side of the Cascades, too! (Sorry, just started following your blog, slow on the uptake some days.) Yep, those are daffodils- they're just starting over here in SW Idaho, too. Hear ya, about the moss, and the greenery. High desert and mountains just aren't the same...but it's not all bad. At least we see the sun, here!

    -Heather R., The Real Leopardstripes

  2. Hiya Heather! It's definitely not all bad, it's mostly good! It's just getting used to things being different, ya' know? Like I've noticed clouds lately that look like clouds in paintings not "real" clouds and realized that as varied and prevalent as PacNW clouds are, there are clouds in other places that look different. Turns out all those shopping mall oil painting clouds were realistic after all. :)


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