Friday, April 12, 2013

Good-bye, City Life!

Text message conversation held during the time I was running errands and Eric was home with the Beastie Grrrlz:

Tara: There is definitely something living in your car.  I found a nest in your glove box.

Eric: Careful... didn't you see the movie "Alien"?  Don't lean over & look in any egg-shaped pod lest you wind up with a face-suckin critter that will implant its young which will then burst out of yer chest during space dinner.

Tara: I'm actually serious.

Tara: I would take a picture but my drive is full.

Eric: Really?  I thought you just meant all the napkins & stuff.  Huh.

Tara: Some napkins are shredded plus there looks like maybe some insulation from the engine compartment.

Eric: Well that's no good.  Mouse?

Tara: I think maybe a squirrel.
Tara: Remember I mentioned I heard sounds of something scurrying in there and the dogs have been sniffing around it?

Eric:  Squirrel is awful big for that space... chipmunk maybe?  I did catch a glimpse of what I thought was a tiny tuxedo.

Eric: I remember you saying something.  I haven't heard or seen anything aside from the tiny bow tie and vest.

Eric: Where are Click & Clack when you need them??

The glove box in question: (from left) critter nest, Les Schwab receipt, extra napkins kept for nose blowing, hand wiping, etc.

Yes, we text in full sentences with punctuation, capitalization, and spelled-out words.


  1. Hoo of luck with that! LOL Definitely a common rural issue. Want me to check with the Tractor Shop Boys about how to get your guest outta the rolling hotel?

    -Heather R., The Real Leopardstripes

    1. And here we thought our woodland rodent troubles were over (squirrels invaded our house in Portland)! Any wisdom you can glean and offer is appreciate. :)

  2. Oh lord, I should have known. Our resident experts here at the tractor shop highly recommend some form of D-Con or something called "D Bar", which is apparently available at farm stores. They said that if you put the stuff in various places in your vehicle's frame (like inside the doors, glove box, etc.), the rodents will eat it, but because it causes a terrible thirst, they'll leave the vehicle in search for water. They'll die outside of the vehicle, due to the need for water. Ugh. Sounds nasty, but effective. These guys remove animals from tractors and balers and such on a regular basis, so I guess they'd know, but...Ugh. If you find a better way, please let me know. I like my co-workers, don't get me wrong, but sometimes I have a touch of queasiness about their methods. (Like the time the badger got loose in the shop...thank heavens, cooler heads prevailed THAT time! LOL)

    -Heather,The Real Leopardstripes

    1. Yeah, that sounds pretty brutal and I wonder about the critters that might find and eat the carcass(es)? Would it harm our dogs or our neighbors' dogs? Or a fox? That would be no good. Eric looked some stuff up and it may be about traps. Blech.

  3. Ruh Roh!! Did you ever determine what it was?

  4. Wow. Too bad you can't just donate E's car to the critters. ;)


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