Sunday, April 7, 2013

Bedroom Bits!

I've been cranking away on our bedroom all week and I realized this might be my first real redecoration of a whole room.  So far I've changed the color of the ceiling and the walls and updated all the outlet and switch plates (as well as turning the outlets right side up as is required here).
There will be more copper accents so I decided to apply copper leaf and glaze the plates that are up high like those on the light switches; this outlet plate is by the sink in the half bath so it got The Works, too.

I will be changing the texture and color of a drywall-covered beam, swapping out the overhead light fixture & adding a dimmer switch, installing a curtain rod and curtains, mounting the bedside tables on the wall, and making a new duvet set.

Fakin' some rough-sawn lumber somewhere in there.

I kind of hope to be done by the end of next weekend.  [insert mockery here]  Sometime later we'll deal with the floor covering and the closet & en suite.  Also, we'll get a headboard like big kids have.

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  1. The outlet cover looks amazing! The warm hue will go so well with your house. Can't wait to see the finished room.


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