Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bigfoot Slept Here

My fantastic friend, Pam, made me this just-right cross-stitch for my birthday!  The plan was to frame it, so I was going to start combing the thrift stores for just the right one.  Then I got the bright idea to make it into a pillow and last Sunday I treated myself to a few hours of sewing something quick and fun.

bigfoot_cross_stitch bigfoot_pillow bigfoot
The colors and vibe are just right for the guest bed which is also a place the Beastie Grrrlz are rarely allowed.  Ahem.

When I was mulling over backing fabric options I remembered I had this fun faux bois print from the remnant bin!  So I "framed" it and made it into a pillow!  Mitered corners and everything.

Look at her perfect stitches!  Sooooo many tiny, little, perfect Xs.


  1. Wonderful! And I love that you had faux bois fabric to use. OF COURSE YOU WOULD. :)

  2. THAT is a great pillow! I love what you did with it.


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