Monday, June 30, 2014

Odds & Ends: June 2014 Edition

Delia has several "bush forts" around the property where she hangs out chewing sticks, getting shade, and doing dog stuff like taking a break during games of fetch.  If she's taking too long during fetch, I'll usually walk over and reach the Chuck-it launcher in there and fetch her ball myself.  One time I spotted this!

This is about 3' off the ground in one of Delia's lairs so I kind of hope that the parents realized this was probably not the best spot for wee babies and abandoned the nest for a new location.  

I've been working for a neighbor who has a big-boy version of a slot car track that he's building for a big international* race in November.  Starting in April, I've been painting lines, curbs, bit lanes and such on about 100' of track on a 10' x 20' table.  This is a craft project that staggers even me just a little bit.

Based on 4 or 5 tracks in Europe and the US, this track is supposed to otherwise be consistent with the 1960s for all the decorative details and the cars that will race on it.

This gig has a great commute!  Since they showed me the shortcut, I can walk there in about 5 minutes.  I usually do this in the mornings and noticed the sun hitting this old property border fence with it's lush moss coat.  Our forest doesn't have moss like the forest I grew up with so it was a nice little moment to start my day with a moss siting.

The orange tape is an indicator to passersby that the property is private and no hunting is allowed.  There are other methods, but this one is common and all of them are blaze orange at least until the sun fades them.

Speaking of cheery, unexpected plant life, I spotted these pansies sneaking throw an hole in the side of the silly truck bed flower bed that came with the house.

We're not entirely immune to the "rustic charm" of a pick up bed for a flower bed, but someday this one will find a new home on the property.  It seems just sort of plunked down and isn't really a color that suits our tastes.  Or my tastes anyway.

It's not just the plants getting all reproductive, either.

This little eggshell was laying on the edge of the driveway the last week of the month. What might be the other half of it was on the balcony underneath one of the birdhouses.

As June ends we're definitely going from our green season into our browning season.  There are still lots of wildflowers, but they're not carpeting the yard and forest like the Balsams did. 

 I don't know if this is native or not, but it's certainly an impressive size.

* Yup.  Racers mail their custom, hand-built slot cars from all over the world to race.


  1. Oh, you guys have the big poofy things, too! Funny thing about those- they don't really make a flower, just the poofy seed things. I think they are native- they have a habit of showing up in our non-lawn. :)

  2. Ah ha! That explains why I can never remember what they flower looks like... there isn't one. Whew! I don't claim to be all that observant, but this was worrying me a bit. :) I like to say "we have grass, but we don't have a lawn" and I stand by that statement!


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