Friday, June 13, 2014

Spa Treatment

There she is on the delivery trailer about to get hoisted up onto the deck with a crane!

The other day Eric drained and refilled the hot tub in anticipation of Juan's visit* last weekend.  When we went to start heating it up it wasn't working.  It was a very basic model when it was new in 1999 and the mysterious codes on the display weren't helping us decipher the issue.  Even with the generic owners manual we didn't know what was going on.  So, I called the number in the manual which lead us to a spa business of a different name.  They came out on a service call and gave us the bad news: the shell (the fiberglass part that holds all the water and all the people) was failing and leaking and the plumbing was leaking and some other things were leaking.  We could spend a fair chunk of change to "put a band-aid on it" or about 2.2 times as much to fix it better, but the shell would still be failing.

This is the box the top came in.  I was assured that sporks were fine to use.

It was pretty exciting to watch the crane take away the old one and plunk the new one down on the deck.

So, instead of risking having that tub utterly fail in the middle of winter when we couldn't get a new one delivered and the old one hauled away and instead of throwing good money after bad we got a new spa!  It's still not the fanciest spa on the market, but it's quite an upgrade with about five times as many jets, a control display that makes some sense, new cover and cover lift, a low-maintenance cabinet (case? siding?) or whatever it's called, AND in a couple of weeks will have the saline filter-thingy.  And the spa guys (Chris & Ron) were the opposite of the tree guys as far as being here when they said they would be, returning calls and texts, etc.  YEY!  Let's hope that keeps up for our chemical needs and most importantly the installation of the saline thingy.  Did I mention the Aurora-Borealis-in-a-tub LED lights?

*Juan was the first to visit us twice and thrice!  As he's spending the summer not too far from here, I bet he'll beat everyone to fourth, too.  Not that it's a contest, but Juan's winning.

Juan Happened III: The Filthiest Corn Hole You've Seen
With Juan comes warmer weather, so we busted out the corn hole set.  It gets pretty dusty without a lawn or pavement to play on.


  1. Congratulations on the upgrade! Hope it gives you many relaxing years of service!

  2. Woo! You got a new hot tub for my visit :) Thanks. This will be my second visit so does that put me in second place? I doubt I'll ever catch up to Juan since, hello! He's working in the area. He has an advantage.
    Those lights are pretty cool/

  3. Yay for you guys!!! That's a sweet spa- congrats! :D

    1. And we're using it like crazy which makes me feel better about the unexpected expense. If we keep it up, our cost-per-use will be super low by the end of it's 15-18 year lifespan!


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