Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Through lots of voice mails, phone conversations, in-person conversations, and more voice mails We finally got out two beetle-kill trees cut down.  Way back when we first moved here we had a few interactions with people hired to do stuff here at the house that had me worried that it might be the case that Mountain Time was not just about time zones, but also a state of mind, like Island Time.  I still haven't decided, but that seems to be the case with anyone involved with tree cutting be they tree service/forester types or deliverers of firewood.

Eventually, we got 'er done.  The entirely dead tree was dead long enough to be beetle-free so we had that one cut into 16" round to be split for firewood later.  The not-entirely dead tree probably still has beetles, so we had it taken away.  They cut it into 16" rounds, so I imagine they're going to sell it as firewood.  I just hope they don't sell it to someone with pines on their property.

Cutting down big trees cost big bucks, so we're trying to rid ourselves of the stumps some other way.  Luckily they cut them really close to the ground and level, and the forest is a fine place to see a stump or two, so while we figure that out they're not such a horrible eyesore as they might be in town.  Hopefully, this technique I found online will work: Drill holes in the stump, add Epsom salts and water. I read it could take anywhere from one month to a year.  We shall see.

Next up: The driveway. How do I know?  It's already happened.


  1. TIMBER! That was cool to see it go down. Progress! You guys have had a lot of it this spring!

  2. Tree stumps are totally not an eye sore in the rural properties like they would be in town. Glad you got those trees down before they infected any others.


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