Monday, May 25, 2015

Every Night is Bat Night

Eric got a bat house for his birthday! Finally. Betty helped him install it, as per instructions. Loud, startling instructions that also included polite requests for a fun game of Pine Cone.

Fun fact: bats have been spotted in and around the property and house, so hopefully we'll have new tenants eating biting bugs before too long!


  1. Yay batties! Next you need a bee motel!

    1. Still no takers, but if we get enough tenants then we'll expand our bat real estate empire.

  2. YES!!!! a bat house. I'm so excited to see if you get some tenants. We've seen some bats flying around our backyard too. I need to get me one of those houses. Although J wants to take the pine tree down too. He keeps wanting to take out all our tree's dang it.

  3. Still unoccupied as of a few days ago when we last looked. It might be that we're too far from water.


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