Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Whose Poop Is This, Anyway?

Scat Scout Eric found this astonishing sample while tromping around the woods with Betty last weekend.  Wowzers!

To illustrate just how impressive this pile was he took a shot* with his ear buds cord in it for scale.  Also his hand.

We figure it was left by either bear or Bigfoot.  One of the other.

* Teehee! I accidentally typed "shat" instead of "shot" at first.  Oopsie!


  1. Whoa- yeah, bear, I think, guys have a lot of big kitty sightings in your area?

    Bigfoot doesn't usually favor food with that much hair in it, LOL! ;)

    1. Cougar sightings in the past for sure, but none that we've heard of recently. This seems like 3-4 cats' worth of poop, though it is something to consider.

      E described the scat as looking like shiny charcoal - no hair in it to speak of, which is why we thought bear over some kind of canid. That and the sheer volume!

  2. Oh. Um. That's not hair? That would indicate a high degree of iron...carnivore. Either that, or a diet of pure raisins.
    Well, you can be assured it ain't cow! ;)


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