Monday, May 18, 2015

Springtime in The Mountains

We have what amounts to a lilac hedge on the north-ish side of the property, behind the house. It doesn't even come close to covering that whole property line, but it's quite a few lilacs nonetheless.

The lilacs are blooming up our way!  And I felt confident enough in the temperature to put a vase of them on the wood stove.

So quaint n' stuff.

Then this happened. I wasn't able to capture all the lightning, thunder, and just how dark it was, but you get the idea of how fast and hard it was raining and hailing for these parts:


The sun has been hiding since, so I ended up moving the vase to build a fire a few days later.  That's just how it goes.


  1. We've been getting it here, too! On the plus side, the newly planted cukes n' tomatoes don't have to be watered. On the negative, people are beginning to experience that Seattle-like depressive state. I just cackle and chug more coffee, but for the high desert natives, it's a DISASTER. ;)

    1. Haha! Right? That lasted at most 30 mins and it's been some version of overcast a lot, but NOTHING like PacNW, SAD-inducing grey and/or wet. Mostly it was impressive for the hail, lightning, and thunder and because it's rare to get that much rain here which means the road is kind of a mess.

  2. So pretty! and they smell soo good. With all the tree's J keeps making me take out of the yard I should replace them with lilacs.

    1. I have always loved lilacs, but I had no idea just how tough they are. I am very neglectful of them, but they seem to be thriving. And it seems that the deer don't bother them, because they are everywhere around here and not behind deer barriers.


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