Monday, July 3, 2017

Balcony Upgrade - Refurbished Side Table + Adirondac Chairs

While spending all that time up on the balcony refinishing the bistro set, I was reminded just how pleasant it is up there. I think it's a bit cooler than the deck overall and you don't have to chase the shade around, because by mid-late morning it's generally all in the shade. Plus the view ain't bad either. So I got it into my head to check out some more leisurely chairs.

I had already wanted to make some Adirondack chairs and I think I still will, but not this year. Maybe next year or the year after. These were very inexpensive and their level of sturdiness and attention to ergonomics* belies that, but I think they'll give us a couple years of life if we don't sit together in one or do much chair dancing.

I have had this little side table for probably 20 years. It was a thrift store find back in the mid-late 90s and was a very 1970s orange. At the time I painted it an ivory color. Later, I repainted it an apple green. I still like that green a lot, but it was dinged up pretty good and not the right color for the balcony. I gave it a similar finish as the bistro set, but man, oh, man was it faster on this smooth and simple little number than on.

* What these chairs add in lumbar support, they entirely lose in head/neck support. When you tilt your neck backwards to rest your head on the high chair back your head just keeps tilting and tilting back until you're kind of staring straight up. Luckily, I had just enough fabric leftover from making the seat cushions for the bistro set to make headrests! They attach with straps and hook & loop tape through the slats at the top of the chair back.

Oh, I do think we both will spend a good deal of time up here this summer and into autumn! I can already tell dozing off is in our futures. I still want to do something about the deck surface, though...

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