Thursday, July 20, 2017

Can I Offer You a Tissue, Dear Guest?

I just wanted to add one more useful item to the guest room's new bedside "tables." A perfunctory search at a few stores for a simple tissue box cover yielded naught, so I decided to make one. Luckily, I found a wooden blank at a craft store for not-much-cost and had everything else in my various materials stashes!

I stained and varnished the parts of the wood that would be exposed using a stain I'd bought as a test for refinishing our kitchen cabinets. I decided to go with paint in a very similar color on those.

 To decorate the sides I used part of a fat quarter of this Burly Beavers print that I picked up on a whim, fusible interfacing remnants from the tee shirt quilt project, and black cording & grey bias tape that were probably my grandmother's.

I assembled all those parts and glued onto the wooden blank with the same Mod Podge I used for sealing the coasters I made for the Balcony Upgrade.

Meanwhile, I'm furiously pinning inspirations for replacing the old blinds for the guest room and mulling over paint colors for the ceiling and maybe even one wall in there, too. It will probably be autumn, at least, before I get to those projects.


  1. OMG that is the cutest thing!!!! I've had a tissue box cover on the back burner for awhile (i care not to admit how long, lol). Did you use a pattern or your own design?

    1. Thanks, Jean! I didn't have a pattern, but it's hard for me to call a long, skinny rectangle "my own design" - hehe! I just cut the fabric and interfacing to fit the pre-made wooden blank. I had to add the bias tape on one end to make it long enough, because the fat quarter wasn't quite wide enough. I used a fusible interfacing to keep the fabric from going wonky when I glued it onto the wood.

  2. That fabric is perfect for that room. So stinkin cute.


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