Saturday, October 21, 2017

Dr Potter's Medicine Show - NEW and EXCITING Stuff!

Remember that super cool book trailer for The Trials of Solomon Parker that Eric's friend, Patrick Carew, made? Well, he's made one for Dr Potter's Medicine Show, too! 

Eric stars as Dr Alexander Potter and I got to make a bunch of the props! Well, some were creepy things that I had already made and had around, but still.

Neighbor Bob, who played Solomon Parker, kindly let us use his sheep wagon and hang around his yard past dark.

Here is where I'm going to cajole and hassle you all to click thru share this YouTube link to the book trailer all around social media to help spread the word!

Annnnnd guess what! Dr Potter's Medicine Show was taught as part of a freshman honors college course at a university in the Midwest! Approximate 500 students (in two class sections) were supposed to read it! About midway through their reading, Eric Skyped in to do a Q & A with the students for each section. Pretty cool! 

They never got the Skype quite working enough that Eric could see the lecture hall on his screen, but the Dean kindly took a photo for him.

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  1. Holy crap his book was taught at a college course that is freaking awesome! That man was born to be a writer. Sweet that Eric has a friend who makes trailers. I shared the link!


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