Thursday, October 19, 2017

Halloween at the VME

It has been a rather timid Halloween season around the VME, but after taking last year off it feels good to have the decorations up, even if it's less than half of them.

We did a few things differently this time around. Maybe taking a year off gives a fresh eye on things?

Introducing Commodore & Mrs. Boanbotham.

I finally got around to putting most of the holographic portraits into thrift store frames! And one of the reasons that I was eager to install the picture rail moulding was so that I could switch out the decorations on this wall seasonally - especially for Halloween season.

Since last year I finally made my old-timey apothecary, there were fewer jars for the bathroom, but now that we have the doodad shelf so it worked out. I left most of the "chop shop" type decorations packed in their boxes this time.

As far as vermin and critters go, I kept it to just snakes, mice/rats, and a fractions of the spiders.

Oh, hey! What's that craniometer? Why, it's a craniometer I made for another project (coming soon)!

It's a good think Eric likes this, because it's a little too big and delicate to store. [wink]

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  1. Your bathroom looks perfectly creepy. And that craniometer is an artwork that needs to be displayed year round. Great work.


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