Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The Trials of Solomon Parker - Back in Butte

The World Tour of Montana for The Trials of Solomon Parker wrapped up this weekend in Butte!

First stop: Books & Books an great independent bookstore run.

Eric signed all of their copies and personalized those they sold on Saturday. He's classy like that.

"Hey, look at that." Eric Scott Fischl

Nest stop: Headframe Spirits right around the corner.

It got realllllly crowded in there. Turns out it was Homecoming weekend at Montana Tech.

Sold some books, chatted with some folks, consumed some superior cocktails.
"You can't get this in Iceland." Tara Fields

We got in on a quick distillery tour and ran into our old pal, Bigfoot!

I made mini cupcakes with Headframe's Neversweat Bourbon Whiskey in copper papers, of course.

We stayed and the formerly grand Hotel Finlen which was grand enough for a one-night stay, but... PRO TIP: Do not visit Butte on Homecoming weekend, because the carousing in the streets was really loud and pretty much all night long.

Lots of copper and if my eye is correct, it's Modern Masters Metallic Paint, Copper.

Old school

By the time we were done with this, most of the downtown retailers were closed, so we hit Pekin Noodle Parlour, the oldest continually-operated Chinese Restaurant in the US. It was an experience not to be missed, but the food can be missed. Ahem.

Of course, Butte is ripe for puns and jokes...

It was a quick trip; we head home on Sunday morning so we could attend the annual Barter Party of our awesome friends. I made gin again, took some sewn things, and Eric had books! We got alllll kinds of great stuff and had a great time. I only wish we hadn't been so exhausted from not sleeping at all.


  1. Woo Hoo!!! So dam exciting that you're going on book tours. YAY! For selling some copies. I can't wait to read the latest book. Looks like a great haul from the barter party.

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