Friday, December 27, 2013

Whose Poop is This, Anyway? +2 Bonus Tracks*

The last mystery poop of 2013!  I almost literally stumbled upon this one: spherical and singular, about an inch and a quarter in diameter, found near the center of the one bit of concrete slab on the property located between the chicken yard and the shop.

Photo taken the first week of December. It has since be snowed over and then trod upon.

As promised: BONUS TRACKS!

First up, foxy fox tracks.

I know what made this, but do you? I'd love to hear some guesses and declarations.

*Get it? Tracks!


  1. The poot-ball is from...I dunno. A really constipated bunny? As to the last bonus track, I have three guesses, and I bet they're all wrong, but it's the last day of the year, so aren't we all entitled to a few mistakes? One- a stampede of squirrels or chipmunks. Two, several covies of quail in a big hurry. And three- a mountain biker with snow studs on their tires. ('Tho, around here, you're more likely to encounter snow-bikers using zip-ties for the purpose, which makes a wholly different track pattern.)
    Happy New Year! :D

  2. Definitely a mystery turd! And since it's been a week and no one else has even tried to guess, I suppose I should go ahead and reveal the truth behind Bonus Track #2!

    [drum roll-ll-ll-ll-ll-lllll]

    It's the track of a Ponderosa Pine Cone that has rolled across the snow!

    Special thanks to everyone who played along. By which I mean, Heather. Special thanks to Heather. <3


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